bibliography for citations in figure captions

I have merged several Word documents into a single Word document. These smaller documents had figures, with figure captions . I’m not getting my figure citations to appear in my bibliography when I update this new document, although the in-text citations do appear in the bibliography. How can I get the figure caption citations to appear in the bibliography as well?

Assuming you still have the endnote libraries available, have you tried unformating and reformatting (and while reformatting, make sure you reengage CWYW from third tab of that dialog box)?

And are the figures inserted into textboxes?  If so you might want to see this faq.

Hi Leanne:

Figures not in text boxes.

Followed your directions. I can unformat, but in the middle of “updating citations and bibliography”, Endnote seems to crash → “CWYW could not connect to EW. This may be due to a temp Internet or server error…”

However, Endnote does allow me to cut part of the document out and update. Endnote also allows me to update other smaller docs while I am still in Word, i.e. before shutting Word down.


EW or was that a typo for EN? If not a typo, it looks like it is trying to get to the Web version of the program… Which version of EN are you using.

In Word I have EN Web CWYW file version

My EN Web account online is 2.8.

I have 6 chapters in my thesis. When I try to update citations and bibliography on the whole chapter, I get the CWYW error message that I noted above.

However, I just tried updating pieces of the thesis. All the chapters individually, when I cut them out of the main doc, will update fine, except for chapter 3 so I think this may be where the problem is…

Any ideas?


Curiously, the original pre-merging chapter 2 will not let me “update citations and bib’y” either.

I don’t think this is a figure problem anymore but a general updating bibliography problem.

Sorry for the multiple posts.

Hi Leanne

Still need help!