Updating Figure Captions

I can easily insert Figures into my Word manuscript, but if I change the text of the caption in EndNOTE, it does not update when I click “Update Citations and Bibliography” in Word. How do I update the Figures List after I have edited them in EndNOTE following insertion into Word?

P.S. I have tried restarting both EndNOTE and Word with no success.

In the EndNote tools in Word, use the Generate Figure List command.

I can’t find “Generate Figures List” in the Microsoft Word 2007. Is it under the Endnote Tab in the ribbon or elsewhere?

That’s a good point. The help screens in X2 explain that for Word 2007 you just use the Update Citations and Bibliography command from the EndNote tools on the ribbon.

That’s what I thought as well, but if I modify the caption field within Endnote after having inserted the figure in Word, my changes to the caption are not updated when I select “Update Citations and Bibliography”. I’m managing a lot of figures and often update my captions based on additional details that come up after I’ve begun inserting the figures. I’d really prefer to update the captions in Endnote (rather than post facto editing in Word) b/c I use them for multiple versions of the publication. The only solution I’ve found is to remove the figure from the publication and reinsert it, then my changes appear, but I’ve also had to spend unnecessary time tracking down the location of the figure in multiple places throughout the publication, which I was hoping would be an eliminated procedure when using Endnote.Any suggestions?

FWIW this is STILL a problem in 4.2 2 YEARS later - “Generate Figures” does nothing. You have to quit Word and restart it. Dumb.