Bibliography format request please

Dear List,

I would like to include references

in my thesis in the following style:

In the text (Smith et al)

with no full stop after the “al” and not italicised

At the end of the document in the form:

Wu, Y., Chen, L., Scott, P.G. and Tredget, E.E. (2007) Mesenchymal stem cells enhance wound healing through differentiation and angiogenesis. Stem Cells 25 , 2648-2659.

Yamaguchi, Y., Mann, D.M. and Ruoslahti, E. (1990) Negative regulation of transforming growth factor-beta by the proteoglycan decorin. Nature 346 , 281-284.

Or similar.

This style is from the equine veterinary journal but I cannot get rid of the full stop after the et al and it is in italics. Furthermore, I don’t want a paragraph space appearing between each reference in the section at the end.

Advice much appreciated.


One thing at a time.

>I cannot get rid of the full stop after the et al and it is in italics.

Have you tried removing full stop in your Author list option, and unchecked italic box?

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Thank you.  You set me on the right track, I have resolved both issues.

I am using v9.  Here are the steps I took.

I selected my favoured output style (Equine veterinary journal)

I saved it with a new name

I selected citations>author lists and unclicked the italic and changed et al. to et al (no full stop/period)

I selected bibliography>layout, find each reference with box containing the “return key symbol” and deleted this symbol

Works just fine now.