space between authors

I don´t know why, but all bibliography which beginns with letter “A” ist written without space with the other authors. How can I change that?

wrong - Da Silva, M.L.B.Alvarez, P.J.J.               rigth - Da Silva, M.L.B.; Alvarez, P.J.J.

wrong - Lovanh, N.; Hunt, C.S.Alvarez, P.J.J.    right - Lovanh, N.; Hunt, C.S.; Alvarez, P.J.J.


Is it really alway an “A” author, or is it that the last Author has no space?  --Did you try a different style?  I would guess that the “Author lists” (probably under Bibliography settings if there where the problem lies) is missing the space and punctuation for the “before last” box.  Check out “editing an Output Style” instructions in the manual or the program help. 

Have you checked the “Author Lists” setting to confirm the correct separators have been designated?  If you go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, and EDIT [Name of the output style you’re using].  This will cause the output style options box to pop-up.

Since you’re saying the problem occurs in the bibliography, in the left column under “Bibliography”, select “Author Lists”.  You’ll see that you can designate “separators” between authors. Since you want  semi-colon, enter a semi-colong followed by one blank space in the “between” box.  In the “before last” box you can enter a semicolon followed by one blank space and an ampersand (or whatever meets the requirement for the particular sttyle you’re using).

Also note that if you want to change the separators for in-text citations, in the left column under “Citations”, select “Templates”. At the bottom of the in-text citation template is the “Multiple citation separator” followed by a box. To designate a semi-colon separator, type a semi-colon followed by one blank space.  Then close the output styles option box.

If your citations/bibliography doesn’t automatically self-correct, use the “Update Citations and Bibliography” option.