bibliography format

Hey there,

I use EndnoteX2 combined with Word 2003.

Unfortunately, in my bibliography, the second

(and 3rd, 4th,…) rows of my references don´t

get indented as they should.

This looks like this


          title, blabalbalabla
London, 2009  

instead of this, as I would like to have it:

            title, blabalbalabla

            London, 2009 

Who can help me? thanks!

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I puzzled a bit over this one, but found this in the program help under carriage returns (go figure- don’t know HOW I found it):

This setting is in the

Hanging indent options include: None, All Paragraphs, First Paragraph Only, Second Paragraph Only, and All Paragraphs but the First. The following is an example of when you would use Second Paragraph Only. The style requires that authors begin on the left margin, and then the year (and the rest of the reference) starts on a new line and is indented. The style applies a hanging indent to the second paragraph only, and inserts a tab before and after the year. In the word processing document, the spacing for the hanging indent should be aligned with the second tab stop.

So, if I set the output style bibliography to Hanging 2nd paragraph and the (for example- Journal) template has

Author (Year). (paragraph break)

(tab)Title. Journal| Volume|, Pages|.

the correct output (but I couldn’t easily cut and paste it here, so I deleted it!)  The place to set the hanging indent to 2nd paragraph in the output style is in the attached gif.

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Thanks a lot,

you solved my problem :slight_smile: they did a nice job

on hiding that one in the program help…

greetings from europe!