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Hi there, I am having some trouble with my bibliography as it won’t order my references correctly. Sorry if this is a very simple question but they seem to be all over the show. Is there any way of fixing this. I had my references separated into groups in endote, would this have anything to do with it? also the document has been back and forth a bit with another user who has a mac would this have caused problems? Am using Chicago 15th A Style.

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Endnote supposedly works across platforms so this shouldn’t be a problem for you and your collaborator.  The information concerning “groups” is stored in the .data file so am wondering if you and your collaborator have been using both the .enl and .data folders as you’ll need both.

Sorry, are you able to elaborate on exactly what the .enl and .data files are. This is the first time I have used endnote and am still coming to grips with it all.

Are you talking about in the bibliography itself, or in the endnote library?  Endnote orders the references based on the chosen style.  So if you “format bibliography”, is Chicago 15th A Style chosen for that specific manuscript? 

When sharing documents with a coauthor, especially one on a different platform, I always unformat the document first, – just to be sure it doesn’t get corrupted.  If they are using Endnote, and it is the same “release” you might get away with it, but I think ENX, for example, there were problems between Windows and Mac word documents compatibility. 

Try making a copy of the document and select all and then unformat and  reformat the document and it might fix any problems.  If you want CWYW back on, you should reengage it from the third tab of the reformat dialogue window, at this time. (this is done from Word, tools, endnote tools, unformat or the toolbar button, with a curved arrow, then reformat (it looks a bit like the list icon, on the endnote toolbar in word2003 anyway). 

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When you first create an EndNote library (e.g., “Sarah’s Library”) , the program creates two folders: 

Sarah’s Library .enl

Sarah’s Library .data

When collaborating, both folders are needed by all parties who are working on a given document.  In this case, if the document is based on your EndNote library, you’ll need to send the .enl and . data folders to your collaborator(s).  Both folders should be in the same location on your hard drive’s directory.

Send an unformatted copy of your document (as Leanne noted) to your collaborator who could then format the document after receiving both the .enl and .data folders from you.  Then both of you should be on the same plane, so to speak, when working on the document.

Thanks CrazyGecko.  Just to clarify slightly.  Sarah’s Library.enl is a file and Sarah’s is a folder with lots of other folders in it.  These two need to be located in the same folder.  Using the library compress option makes sure they are all there and unpacks it in the right configuration.

but assuming you are on compatible versions, exchange of the library shouldn’t be strictly necessary - due to the travel library feature… as long as nothing untoward happens to corrupt the file.  That is why it was developed. 

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Thank you both for your suggestions. We are about to finish up so the document is now only on my computer so with this in mind do I still need to get his files etc from his computer? The person I have been working with uses a Mac and a newer version of word, would this have caused problems? Is there anywhere I might find a step by step guide for working this through as I am not sure exactly how to get his files onto my computer? I find it all a bit confusing to be honest!!



Who has the most recent and complete version of the EndNote library?  If if’s your collaborator (who also seems to have the latest version of the document), he should send you the following items:

  1. The Endnote .enl file (yes, “file” as Leanne helpfully noted),

  2. The corresponding Endnote .data folder;

  3. An unformatted file copy of the document.

You will need to install the .enl file and .data folder onto your computer then use EndNote to format the bibliography.

Now if the situation is reversed and you, not your collaborator, has the most recent and complete version of the EndNote library, your collaborator could send you just the unformatted file copy of the document (#3).  Then you’ll just need to use EndNote to format the bibliography.

I may be mistaken but don’t think the Mac and “newer version of word” is the problem (as supposedly the program works across platforms) but rather that you two might be out of sync in terms of sharing materials.

For information you could check your manual or the Thomson Reuter’s EndNote site for manuals and training materials (X1 to X3):