'My Library' section. Endnote x4

I had 1720 references in the ‘My LIbrary’ section. They are still there, but the Groups have disappeared. Instead of a folder, these references are now in a yellow envelope, and repeated in a folder which has a red cross. When I come to CWYW, I am successful with all references apart from those I have input today, which do not show up. I would appreciate simple help as I am technologically inept. Thanks

Each Endnote library consists of two items including the .enl file and the associated .Data folder. So, if you had a library titled “My References,” you would have a file titled “My References.enl” and a folder titled “My Library.Data.” If you move the .enl file without also moving the .Data folder and attempt to open the .enl file, EndNote will prompt you that you are doing so without the .Data folder. If you click OK, EndNote will create a new .Data folder. This new folder will not contain your Groups or Attachments as that information is stored in the .Data folder:


If you still have the old .Data folder, you can move it to the same location as your .enl file. You can search your computer to locate the folder.