Bibliography from a GROUP and not only from Citation .. HOW ?

Hi to all,

I’m using a EndNote X5 for Mac with Word 2011.

My question is:

When I insert the Bibliograpy, Endnote create a Field Code name ADDIN EN.REFLIST … this code generate, perfectly, the bibliography about all document cited (with Field Code ADD EN.CITE) … But I want to include in my bibliography NOT ONLY the document cited in teh document but ALL the document include, for esample, in a GROUP defined inside the Endnote library … Anymore … I don’t want just a list of cited elements …

Is this possibile?

Kind regards

Claudio Ferroni

You can export those refs to a document bibliography, if that is all you want, but if you want them included when they aren’t actually cited in the document, interdigitated with those that are cited, then you need to be more creative.  The easiest way might be insert the citations but then hide the citations themselves (using the hidden font attribute). 

To get a group of refs into a document- selct the group or highlight the refs you want : File>export (as RTF) the selected refs into a group with bibliographic output style required. 

Or taking the “group” that included your cited refs (this appears as a temporay group in your library while you are working on a manuscript), add them to a copy of the group of other refs you want included, and then export that combined list and replace the bibliography with the new one.   – obviously this would be the final step. 

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me too supposed using hidden cite reference in the document was a creative solution …

otherwise, using the export you suggested or the simple “copy as reference” and  them past in the document was an alternative solution.

But, I think that  could be more easy to implement a filed code, for example (ADDIN EN.REFLIST “Group Name”), that anybody can insert in the document and automaticly update as well as other field code. My experience as programmer say me that this solution could not be so complicate … but anyway … this is just an idea.

Anyway … thatnk a lot … Endnote is very powerfull program and I’m seriuosly think to use it on my job to collect all my work document and not just study book or article …

Kind regards

Claudio Ferroni

You can always articulate your request in the Suggestions forum, but it isn’t a common need for most people, so it possibly wouldn’t be high on their priority list I guess. They have to deal with some users who already think the product is too complicated, and others that think it doesn’t have enough flexibility, as evidenced in this forum on numerous occassions!