How to add references to Bibliography without citing in the body of the text?

Hello, I am using endnote online and the word cite while you write plug in. I am writing a paper and have been collecting all my references into an endnote online group. Not all of these have been cited in the paper, but all of them have informed the paper (hence must go in the bibliography).

Is there a way to ensure all the references in an online group are present in a bibliography without having to manually cross-reference the bibiliography with the endnote group and then insert the references not present and change the font colour to white?

In order for the references to appear in the document they have to be cited in the text. After you cite them you can use the Edit Citation command in Word to Exclude the Author and Year so that you would no longer see the citation in the text.

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References that are listed in the bibliography should only reflect those that were cited in-text. Adding non-cited references to the bibliography misleads the reader about the references and superficially extends the list. It seems contradictory to say that the non-cited references “informed the paper” and yet not cite them in-text or at least acknowledge them in a footnote. If you wish to pursue adding non-cited references to the bibliography (incorrect as it may be), you can edit the citation to “Show only in Bibliography”.

Although I disagree with your construction of the bibliography, to answer your question, instead of manually cross-referencing the bibliography with the group, couldn’t you just split the references into two groups – “Cited” and “Non- Cited”? Then while working you know exactly which references belong each group.