Bibliography sorting problems.


I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to have endnote sort first based on author then year (oldest first).  Currently it puts the news document from the author first but I need to keep it the same way that was used through out my document (oldest citation first). 

Also I am having problems with citations that have the same authors ie Smith et al., 2004a  and Smith et al.,  2004b being sorted first b then a in the bibliography, when I would like it the other way around.

Thanks for the help,


The order of citations and the 2004a, b (or even 2004b, a) is defined in the style you are using.   See the sort option in Citation and in Bibliography (the later is selected/shown in the attached GIF for my style “Cell”).  Usually Citation is sorted as bibliography, but you can change it to “don’t sort”, for example. 

But ensure you do check the requirements of your journal.  It is often the case that they WANT it sorted the way the style is set up, even though it may offend your expectations!