Sort order Bibliography and Citations (Endnote X6)


I use Endnote X6.

I have a question concerning the sort order:

If I choose “Author + Year” as sort order for my bibliography, articles from the same author are sorted chronologically (oldest articles first; => Smith 2010; Smith 2012). I need them to be sorted the other way round (youngest articles first; => Smith 2012, Smith 2010).

I have the same problem with the sort order for my citations.

Is there a possibility to sort my bibliography and citations chronologically but with the most recent articles first (Smith 2012, Smith 2010)?

Thanks for your help!


Unusual, but these settings are  in the output style under sorting. Most sort the oldest first, because they were the first to have said it.  But…

Edit>Citation>edit “your chosen style”

Citation is usually set as “same as bibliography” and bibliography is then dominant.  So if you still want authors grouped, you would set it as in the image attached, although but reverse the A to Z to Z to A for the Year, so the larger number comes first.  If you want it  totally by year, the put Year first in the list sorted Z to A and then Author, sorted A to Z.  You just click on the AtoZ symbol to toggle them. 

Edit>Citation>edit “your chosen style”

After doing the above, save as to a new name

in the document you want this applied to, in the document, change the output style to this new name, you may have to open the “more styles” to find it, it as it isn’t yet a “favorite”. 

It works - thank you very much!

But now I have another problem:

I cite in footnotes. Since there is no option to determine the sort order in footnotes, I tried the option “Format citations in footnotes: same as citations” which results in the correct sort order in the footnotes. But I didn’t find the possibility to determine the citation of different reference types in “citations”. (I have some (individual) reference types like “section in legal commentary” which need to be cited more detailed (usually I cite “author (year), cited page”; but for some reference types I need “author, title, in: editor, cited page”))

Is there a solution for this problem also?