BIG BIG BIG Problem urgent and need your help with endnote

Dear everyone,

I have been spending a few crazed weeks now on a very important thesis.

I am using Endnote 7 (Bld 98) on MS Office Word 2003.


After looking through the references I made using endnote, I realize that nearly all of the references are mixed up.

For example in this sentence …


“As noted by Walsh, by definition, all products are designed.” (Billings 2006)


Rightfully this sentence should have ended with (Walsh 2007).

How did the wrong citations appear in nearly throughout the thesis?


Could someone point out what I should look into?

I have checked and there’s only one endnote library reference that is linked. I have no idea why all the references are now all mixed up. Please help as this is very important to me.

Thank you.




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Endnote 7, huh… try this faq to start with:

Thank you. I saw this on the FAQ but doubt this was the main cause. any other possible reasons?

Nope… I have never heard of any other ways to mixup references.  Are they shifted and not mixed, and are you sure you haven’t put in any semi-colons. 

Are you tracking changes?  See if the references are tracked/deleted with the correct ones. Tracked changes and Endnote7 don’t play nice together.  If they are there, you can search fro tracked changes and reject the messed up references.  If you need to use tracked changes in the future, - work on a document with CWYW off.

I that hasn’t worked or if tracked changes are on (and make sure they off to do the following) unformat the references in your “corrupted” document and see if it is fixed.  Sometimes the unformated version of the corrupted document is correct; then you can search for manually inserted semi-colons {like see Figure 1; endnote, year #recno}. If you find one, put the accent ` in front of it and reformat.  

If they are still in the wrong place, you have probably a corrupted reference in the original and the only way to restore it, is to get an older version with the correct placesments and do a Compare and merge documents. Turn off tracked changes on both, accept all changes then  unformat both versions, Save as  to a new names, use tools compare and merge which will track all the differences.  You will have to go thru the tracked changes one by one and accept reject the wrong references and reject the deleted right references, accepting the real changes you have made and want to keep.  (I can never remember which document to start with and which to compare.  You might find the opposite, that the correct references need to be accepted and that the changes since the last version you need to “reject” to keep them.)

could someone help me with this please…

have you contacted Tech support directly, although I they may not support EN7 any longer.  You could try contacting me by clicking on my name and emailing me privately, and I could try looking at the document itself. 

If it is really bigx3 urgent thesis, I’d upgrade to endnote to the latest version, unformat the document, copy-paste to a new document, check the reference integrity from scratch. That would take overnight if you have a few hundreds of references, but I’d do that anyway if it is such an important business. I’d not be dependent on some volunteers on the forum. I’d use forum as supplemental help.

Best regards,

I have the same problem as Scotch, all reference calls were swapped in the text. I’m very annoyed.
I’m sorry for the quality of my English, Serge. France.

 What version of Endnote and what operating system are you using?  The best answer is to is consult the same FAQquoted in a previous answer in this thread. 

Je suis désolé, mais cette solution ne marche pas…

I’m sorry, but this solution does not work…


Version is EndNote 10 ?

And you are sure you haven’t introduced a semi-colon in the prefix or suffix (edit citation) of any of your citations?  If you unformat, are they correctly assigned?  Mac or PC?

Yes, it is possible that there have a semicolon in one of the prefixes or sufix is for this reason that the references are reversed??

Because it is really a very serious problem, while the document is to rework? (400 pages)

make sure there is an ` (accent grave) infront of the semi-colon.

why ? I d’ont undestand

As I pointed to before, see thisEndnote FAQ page, where it says in part:

In EndNote X (or Endnote10, as you call it) or earlier, if you insert a semicolon within the prefix, suffix, or pages field for a citation without preceding the semicolon with the accent grave character (to the left of the 1 key on the top of the keyboard, looks like: ` ). Adding this character using “Edit Citation” to these references may correct the issue.

For example, if you require the citation to read

(As seen page 26; Walpole, 2006)

then in the prefix field you would type

As seen page 26`;

In many interpreter languages special signs have a special meaning. If You don’t want the interpreter to interprete these special signs but just print it out or use it as it is as a string, You need to tell the interpreter not to interprete this special sign at this location. This usually is done by an other special sign agreed upon with this interpreter to be a symbol which protects the following sign from being interpreted.

So I assume the special sign ’  makes Endnote not interpret the semicolon, which otherwise would have a special meaning to Endnote with unexpected consequences.

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