End note has changed all my references, How to fix it?

Hi , I am writing my thesis and in final stage of editing I realized that Endnote has changed all the references in the whole thesis. Following is a sample of what has happened:

Correct (older) VERSION:

… sign expectation(Kennedy, 2005). In an example in (Rao and Mille, 1971) the …

NEW VERSION (same file after corrections and couple of revisions ):

… sign expectation(Kennedy, 2003). In an example in (Kennedy, 2005) the output of a …

It is pretty much like this in the whole text without any recognisable pattern.

I was using X2 version then upgraded to X2.4 and again changed it to X3 but the problem is still there .

Does anybody know what is the reason and how can I fix it?

Your help is much appreciated.



Mac or PC, operating system version, Word version?

Are you sure they aren’t shifted by one? (although that was an old Endnote version problem which I thought was fixed in currrent versions?)

If you unformat A COPY of the document, are the correct references in the brackets?

If they are correct in the unformated version does reformating them now restore the correct references? If step one works, but step two doesn’t - do they fall apart at a certain place? - Is there anything unusual in that references (either the one just before they fall apart or the first reference which is wrong)? Again, in an old version of Endnote, inserting a semicolon in the prefix could cause a shifting problem, but that is not the case in X2 or X3, to my knowledge. Try deleting and reinserting the reference just before just after the glitch, and reformat.

If unformatting/reformating doesn’t fix the problem and you can’t identify the glitch, time to contact tech support, as they may be able to figure out what is going on and restore the correct references.

Just as an aside, I am not sure you want to use a sentence structure like “In an example in (Rao and Mille, 1971) the …” – I would suggest that the sentence be reconstructed so that the reference is not the object of the preposition “in” unless you type the authors in and leave just the bracketed year (edit citation, hide year).

The following FAQ may help, but given the example you provided it may not:


If the document cannot be corrected with the previous FAQ you would need to use the steps in this FAQ:


After the document is unformatted and pasted into a new document you would need to correct any of the citations that are displaying the incorrect reference.