in OpenOffice: all in-text references switched at random


this is a major desaster: as I am working on my dissertation (in OpenOffice), I find that Endnote has switched all in-text references. Almost not a single one of my many references is where it used to be. Rather, all references seem to have switched places with other references, at random. I cannot see any particularly order according to which this change might have happened. 

So my first question: how could this possibly have happened? 

And secondly: is there any way this can be undone?



Hi Stefan, I’m experiencing the same problem as well though I’m using Microsoft Office Word 2003. I’m wondering if it has got anything to do with the version of EndNote we’re using? Care to advise which version of EndNote u’re using? Any idea if the problem can be resolved by installing a newer EndNote version software?  Do pls share your findings on how to resolve this as I"m due to pass up my thesis…and its a pain in the neck having to realise that this kind of problem is happening at this juncture.

I recommend that you  both contact tech support (by phone) as I think these kind of problems can only be solved by them. 

cerena, you din’t tell us either, which version of Endnote you are using.  Are they really scrambled or shifted?. See this faq.   On a copy, try unformating your word2003 document. Are the unformated citations in the right place? 

 I don’t know what to suggest with Open Office… except to call tech support.   

Thanks, Leanne, for your advice. I am using Endnote X3. I read through the FAQ and learned that shifting citations (in Word) might be due to inserting a semicolon in a reference. This might well have happened in my text. But if it did, I must have re-revised this reference, because there is not a single reference with a semicolon in my text now (it might have been shifted out of my text though?), so even if this was the cause, I don’t know what the solution might be.

I am going to call tech support now.