Outputstyle for Blackwell journal Molecular Microbiology

Just downloaded from the Endnote Support site the outputstyle for the journal Molecular Microbiology.

But it seems not to be compliant with the : “Author Guideliness”

For instance in the Guidelines it says that the author names should be in initials, first author after the surname, other authors before surname, and initials with periods

Does somebody already has amended this outputstyle (or a similar Blackwell journal style?



First, are you sure you downloaded the correct output style? Could you attach what you’ve downloaded?  Second, the guidelines you’ve described don’t seem to be listed in the journal itself or on Blackwell’s website for the Journal of Molecular Biology’s author’s guidelines (see attached image).

EndNote’s style for the Journal of Molecular Biology seems to correspond to the author format requested for the journal (i.e., listing surname first, followed by initials for each author).  But I noticed in the output style the “Volume” field uses a bold font so you may need to change it to a regular font.