blank citation list with X2 and Pages trial version

I upgraded from X1 to X2, and also installed the trial version of iWork '09 today.

The Endnote menu items in Pages show up and appear to work.

When trying to insert a citation, though, I get nothing even with EndNote and its default library open.  For example, I search for Smith in the Pages Insert Citation box and get no hits even though there are several hundred Smith entries in the library.

I removed all of the plist files and reinstalled EndNote X2 but got the same results.

Any help would really be appreciated.  (Mac OS 10.4 fully updated)

…edit…  X2 just crashes ms word 2004 outright when trying to format bibiographies, so I can’t say that X2 works for word processors in general on this machine.

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OK, the Pages / X2 problem may be some sort of timing / capacity thing (90k refs in library).  When I search for a common name like Smith, I get nothing.  When searching for something less common like Rajaram, hits show up.  Strange…  Anyhow, thanks for the help.

I just started to use the trial of iwork09 to see if X2 will indeed work with pages.

It does.

HOWEVER, if you think it works like Word, you will be disappointed.

It seems you have to insert a ref from pages. Is this true Thompson?

It does not recognise the endnote lib from a word doc. 

It is not clear to me how you format the “Bibliography”, as it is called, when it appears in pages. Again, in word this is easy. 

Indeed the format seems like a default one, which no scholarly journal would ever use. Certainly not the format I selected for my test: J. Am. Chem. Soc. journal formats in endnote are OK, but we must all know that these are never ever perfect. For example, the default formats for Nature and Chemical Reviews not water tight, so require fiddling manually.

I hope this is just the start of a very exciting move by Thompson and Apple? 

In Pages '09/Endnote X2 I also find that the citation selection box in Pages by default comes up blank. You have to search for something before you can see any citations.

I think this isn’t ideal. In my opinion, the selection box should come up showing all citations by default. A search should narrow the choices.

I am incredibly grateful that Apple & the Endnote team have gotten together; I was about to abandon Endnote, with regret, because of the lack of good support for Pages and the availability of reasonable Mac alternatives.

I do hope that the initial integration bugs can be ironed out and we can see a really classy, bug-free integration between the two programs in a maintenance update real soon.