Unexpected behavior with X6 and Pages (iWork)

I’ve experienced a few issues with Pages. When I insert a citation via the Insert::EndNote Citation menu the in-text citation is initially blank (invisible). It appears only if I reformat the citations by changing the base format from the Edit::EndNote Citations::Bibliography Format option. I have to change format options and then change back to the one I am using every time. Furthermore, sometimes when I enter the first citation it does not add a formatted bibliography at all (just the invisible citation that gets formatted after I switch formats). I will try reinstalling some things, but if you have any ideas Id appreciate it.

Mac OS X 10.7.5

Pages 09 4.2

EndNote X6 build 8318

This seems to be an issue with 10.7 and Pages. Cite While You Write issues with Pages need to be directed to Apple directly. This is unfortunately because Apple develops and maintains the Pages plugin for EndNote, not Thomson Reuters. Here’s their feedback link: