Blank Grey Main Paige

I just installed EndNote X8 using the liscence information provided by my insitution. It has clearly installed on my laptop but the main page is blank and almost all of the options in the drop down menus cannot be accessed. I think this is because my computer crashed when linking the desktop application to my email. Right now it’s an empty grey box that hasn’t connected to anything.

What you are seeing is the EndNote software is open, but no library is open. If you have already created a library, you can click the File menu and select Open Library. You can then browse to your library and open it. If you are new to the software or you do not have a library on this system, you can create a new library. You can do this by clicking the File menu and selecting New. Pick a name and location to then save your library.

Thank you so much for your speedy reply. Clearly I am brand new to the software. Thank you again. - Anna

Hello Anna,

I am happy to hear this resolved the issue. As a new user to EndNote, I would recommend our excellent training resources here: