Is there a way to place an identifying mark in a library? I usually save all my new references with articles into a library, but it becomes hard to determine what I have read when the library is large.



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If you are using X1 or X2, you could assign (read or unread) to a group.  Alternatively you could assign one of the “custom fields” or use an unused field and put the word “have read” or “need to read” (tempted here to put read and read- just to be funny). You can even put those words in your Keywords section, and then search on those to pull up the references (particularly if you are still in X or earlier). 

Making them a smart tag would automatically assign them to the appropriate group (available in X2). 

Thanks Leanne!  That is what i will do…I really want a check box tho - hint hint:wink:

I guess that is what the suggestions section of the forum is for!  Put this suggestion there!  It is a recurrent theme – so people can then say “me too!”.  (I am just another user and have no assc with Thomson!)