I have EndNote X2.0.1

How do I highlight an entry in my library so that I can keep track of what I have read already. I don’t want to create custom group as I want to work within my existing groups.  This should be the same as highlighting a file in Finder (Mac)

Thanks so much


One way to do this is to add one of the custom fields to your Library display and label that as “Read / Unread”. You can then use the “Change and Move Fields” function to update the status of this field. See the attached as an example.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Thank you JasonR.

Adding a custom field to my library works well.

However, when using the Change and Move Fields and ‘insert after text’ function under change fields, it labels ALL of the references and not only the selected one as read/unread  How do I resolve this ?  

Thanking you beforehand - Marco


Thanks again for your prompt answer.  its a pity EndNote dont have a simple highlight function as in word… 

“Change and Move Fields” applies to “showing records” in the EndNote library view. Select the items you want and choose “Show Selected References” then apply changes using “Change and Move Fields”.

Yes - clearly this is not a easy as simple highlight or click so this is something we can consider adding in the future.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Thanks Jason. it also requires first clearing the field before changing it from say unread to read.

Yes it would be great if a patch could be made available to allow easier highliting/marketing the specific reading. Thanks again. Marco