Boolean Search with AppleScript


I am currently exploring Applscript and Endnote a bit. I am wondering if there is a way to set up a more complex search with boolean syntax, than it is described in the accompanied support document. Something like:

tell application “EndNote X1”
    find “123” OR"456" in field “record number”
end tell

Unfortunately this doesn’t work. I would expect that there is a way to do such a search, but I didn’t find the right syntax yet. Any ideas?

Hints appreciated.



Hello Michael,

I tried various methods and was unable to perform a search with Boolean operators.  I have inquired with the developers to see if it is possible, and if it is what the correct syntax is. 

Hi Peter,

did you ever receive a reply to the question? So far I could not figure it out with X.2, too…


With EndNote X2 you still can not perform complex searches.