Using highlight in applescript

In using the new applescript features in Endnote X1, I’ve come across an example script involving the “highlight” command that does not work.

I obtained the following script from the example documentation: 

tell application “EndNote X1” 

set res to find “dinosaur” 

highlight first document records in res

end tell 

When run, applescript returns the following error message: “EndNote got an error: Some parameter is missing for highlight.”

Can someone explain what I am doing wrong? 

Ultimately, I’d like to use applescript to access the DOI field of a record, then direct my browser to the respective URL at  Ideally this would be the selected record, and I am hoping to use the highlight command to somehow do this.  Ideally there would be a “selection” object or “selected” property that could be accessed, but I can’t find it.

Message Edited by scb on 06-16-2008 08:13 AM