Brackets and Citations Reappearing


I’ve just started using Endnote and CAYW in Word and keep coming up against a frustrating problem. When I insert citations and alter them become standard and then insert another citation elsewhere, it automatically reformats my other citations. 

So I write:

Gouldner’s (1957) concept [the year here has the citation]

And then got to insert another citation later, endnote then changes the above to be Gouldner’s ((Gouldner, 1957).

The same thing happens when I have 3 ciations in one set of brackets. When I put another citations elsewhere it reverts the others back to a simple ciations.


(Mathieu & Zajac, 1990; Meyer, Stanley, Herscovitch, & Topolnytsky, 2002; Meyer, 2009).


(Mathieu & Zajac, 1990); (Meyer, Stanley, Herscovitch, & Topolnytsky, 2002); (Meyer, 2009).

Is there a way to stop Endnote doing this! If not then I’ll have to stop using it! I’m on Windows 7 and have unticked the enabling of instant formatting.

Any help very much appreciated!

I’ve sorted the first issues by learning how to exclude the author.

Still clueless on the second problem of it self-correcting and putting brackets in with multiple citations.

the multiple brackets problem is usually due to word being set up to put in a space when you enter citations separately, although I am not exactly sure why with a semicolon as well, which may suggest that the output style has a problem?  

What output style are you using in the word document?  (the endnote style on the endnote ribbor or in the format bibliography menu and have you edited it at all?  

If you unformat the citations to their temporary form, do you see this {author, year #recno; author2, year #recno} or this {author, year #recno}<space>{author2, year #recno}?  If the second one, search and replace }<space>{ with }{ and then format citations.  If it still happens,then the separate citations settings must have a flaw in the output style.

If you have edited your output style, upload it as an attachment.  It will be living in a folder in your my documents/endnote/styles folder.

And you can’t change the fields in the word document manually, or they will revert every time to the original form as defined by Endnote’s output style.