Bug with inserting citations


Endnote X2 has recently started to act up. It inserts some extra characters in footnote and biblio citations. I updated it today from the web to no avail. Please see the attachment. Any suggestions would be welcome!


This has absolutely nothing to do with Endnote.  Your MSWord setting are showing the formatting marks. 

You can get rid of them (and they will never print) by hitting that backwards “P” on the toolbar.  Alternatively  go to tools, options and unclick “all”, or any individual boxes you don’t want to see the marks for - in the formatting marks section of the view tab.  the arrow is a tab, the backwards P is the end of paragraph symbol. I am surprised you aren’t seeing little dots for the spaces too!.

Thanks, but no, these are actually additional formatting marks. Please take another look at the jpeg image.

Ahhh, so they are.  I see what you mean. I suggest you attach your style and let a footnote guru look at it for you.  

What output style specifically is it that you’re using?

More than likely, this issue is with the output style…  and knowing which style it is would be exceptionally handy.




Thanks for your answer,

I’ve attached a screen shot. Is this what you’re asking about?

It worked fine until recently.

We want you to attach the exact output style that is being used to format the paper.  It is either in the (possibly hidden) program folder/endnote/styles folder (if you havent’ changed it) or in the MyDocuments/endnote/styles folder if you have altered it or downloaded it and saved it.  it will end in dot-ens (.ens).  That is what controls the way citations are listed. 

Got it. Is this what you want? (Attached)

Turabian Bibliography-DTS.ens (54.6 KB)

I get that style to work just fine.  How are you inserting the cited pages?  Are you using the right click, Edited Citations and adding them to the suffix or to the cited pages field?  When I did either, it still didn’t give me a paragraph break nor the tab. If I unformat the citations, (using the the curvy arrow to unformat), the footnotes look something like this, the first having the cited pages (all footnotes are correctly superscrited sequentially numbered, they just don’t copy and paste correctly).  What do yours look like?

[1] {Inoue, 2008 #17@11-23}

[1] {Inoue, 2008 #17 1-15}

[1] {Ramezani, 2008#12@5-12}

and after formating - this: (same caveate about the footnote numbers.) 

[1] T. Inoue et al., “Analysis of mouse Cdh6 gene regulation by transgenesis of modified bacterial artificial chromosomes,” Dev Biol 315, no. 2 (2008): 11-23.

[1] Ibid. 1-15

[1] A. Ramezani, T. S. Hawley, and R. G. Hawley, “Reducing the genotoxic potential of retroviral vectors,” Methods Mol Biol 434 (2008): 5-12. 




Here’s what I do:

I insert a foot note in MS-Word, then I go to Endnote, select the reference I want, and click on the Insert Citation Arrow on the menu bar. When I do that, it goes back to the footnote in MS-Word and inserts the reference, and adds it to the bibliography. Both the footnote and biblio entry are malformed.

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean by “usingsing the right click, Edited Citations and adding them to the suffix or to the cited pages field”.

Where are the cited pages at the end of the reference coming from (they are preceded by the paragraph break and tab)? 


I simply added the cited page numbers.

Can you email me the document?  see your private messages.  (that funny little envelope in the upper right hand corner that probably has a 1 under it.