2 extra lines at the end of every reference list

I am using EndNote X2 in Word 2007. Every time I generate or update a bibliography, EndNote puts 2 extra lines (specifically, paragraph marks) at the end of the reference list. This seems to happen regardless of which references, library, or output style I use. Is there a way to stop EndNote from adding those 2 extra paragraph marks?

(I know this seems like a minor question, but the extra spaces can be problematic if they cause a manuscript to exceed a mandatory page limit.)

I suspect  the 2nd one  is there to “protect” the field information which is encoded in the prior paragraph mark.  I can’t see away to eliminate it.  You can delete one - but not both after formatting, but updating seems to reinsert/revert to two.  – At the end of the day, before submitting anything, you probably want to unlink the fields, if you are concerned about length and complexity of the file.  I suggest you delete them then.