EndNote X4 - Citations randomly changing

Hi All,

I am using EndNote X4 with Word 2010 and have been experiencing problems with EndNote citations randomly changing in Word documents. This has been a serious problem and many days have been lost correcting citations. My EndNote database contains several thousand references and inevitably duplications occur as new references are downloaded. The duplications are periodically removed which can result in the original reference being deleted and then the citation in the document is no longer linked to the database.

It seems the citations randomly change when the original references are missing. In previous versions, the Word add-in would notify of missing references and the citations could be corrected.

The Word add-in does not report missing references, is the notification feature configurable?

Our institution will upgrade to EndNote X6 in 2013.

Thanks in advance.


This problem occurs on multiple computers indicating it is a problem with the EndNote software.

Does anyone know what happens when references cannot be found in the database?

I have tried replicating this on numerous machines in our institute that are running EndnoteX4 software, and cannot seem to replicate it.  I recommend you contact Tech support with examples, so they can investigate?

Thank you for looking into it.

I guess the simple question is how should it behave?

Should Word 2010 / EndNote X4 notify that references are missing from the database?

Probably is time to log it with technical support.

It SHOULD notify you if a citation is not in the library, unless it has that citation in the travelling library. 

However, if you unformat the citations and reformat, it should notify you of any citation not currently in the library.