Buggy Reference Panel in Ver X8.1

I used to be able to manually update references in the reference panel (EndNote Desktop) without having to open the reference in a new windows in version X8.0. So I would single-click on a reference, look at it in the preview tab (in the reference panel on the right) and see if it contains all the important elements. If it needed correction, I would single-click the reference tab (in the reference panel on the right), make the changes, save it (ctrl+S for shortcut), and take a final look in the ‘preview tab’.

The Problem : Since updating to version (X8.1), the preview tab does not update anymore (after ctrl+S or File–>Save) when I make corrections in “reference tab” in the reference panel. 

This is a bug that makes it very frustrating if you are working with many references and have to make quick corrections to your references. 

Things don’t always come out right with EndNote and that is why I use the “preview tab” in the ‘reference panel’ to double-check before I transfer a reference to a manuscript. 

If you are using X8.0, don’t update to X8.1 , there may be countless other bugs. I had to remove X8.1 from my Windows 10 and reinstall X8.0 in order to get the ‘reference panel’ to work like it used to. 

Hopefully, there is someone out there working on this bug.

See http://community.thomsonreuters.com/t5/EndNote-General/Buggy-quot-Reference-Panel-quot-in-Ver-X8-1/m-p/136360