Building references cited using Reference Manager 10 in MS Word is assigning new number for the same reference everytime it is cited! HELP

I am using Ref Man 10 to insert a bibliography in MS Word.  I use {Author name, Pub Date} and then push generate bibliography.  And everytime I use the same reference throughout the document, it assigns it a new number and repeats it in the bibliography instead of repeating the number.  It appears to be doing this for specific references, as some of them are repeating!  HELP ME!

This happens to me in Reference Manager 11 all the time, I’m not really sure what causes it (I have sometimes accidentally inserted the second instance of a reference from a different reference manager database…I think it may relate to this).

I find that deleting the first reference (or the first reference that becomes duplicated) and then reinstering it usually clears things up for me…although sometimes it happens again and I have to repeat the process. Make sure you remove the citation properly using the ‘edit citation’ button (then select the first citation and ‘remove’.)