Reference manager repeats references

I am using reference manager 10.

When I go to create a bibliography, I find that reference manager has created a separate entry for each time that I have cited a reference.

That is, if I cite reference ID #100 three different times in a paper, reference manager places three entries, all with different numbers, in the bilbio. This has not happened with every paper that I’ve edited with reference manager, just this one. I’m urgently looking for the cause of the problem. 


Duplicate references can appear within a bibliography if you have duplicate records within your database, or cited the same reference from different database records.  If you have a particular reference cited multiple times within your document, you would want to make sure that you cite from the same database record each time.  Additionally, if you have cited the same reference from different Reference Manager databases, reference duplication can occur.  You would want to make sure that you cite the same reference from the same database each time.  Otherwise, Reference Manager will think that those same two citations were for two different references. 

To begin troubleshooting this problem you would want to make sure that you have saved a backup copy of your document.  Afterwards, you would want to run the “Revert to Original Text” command.  Your citations should revert to the temporary format after this.  Making sure that you only have the database that you’ve cited from open in Reference Manager, click on the “Generate Bibliography…” command.  During the formatting process, you may see a window called “Select Matching Reference”.  If you get this window, please visit our site here- to learn how to work with this prompt.  Once you have a newly formatted reference list, check to see if your problem has cleared up.

Hi there,


I’ve been getting this problem from time to time for a while now. I only have one database and I’ve checked for duplicates.  Reverting to original text always fixes this, but it’s rather inconvenient to have to do this each time. Mainly because the new bibliography is always inserted at the very end of the doc, while I want it earlier.


Does anyone know what is actually causing this duplication so I can try to avoid it happening in the first place?


Alternatively, is there a way to mark the prefered location of the bibliography in Word? With RefMan 9 you could do this using a bookmark, but I can’t find an equivalent feature in RefMan 10.


Many thanks in advance for any help you can provide.




Me again,


I think I figured this out…


It happens when you generate a bibliography without the relevant reference database also being open in Reference Manager. Open it and the multiple entries disappear when you regenerate the bibliography. Close it in RefMan, regenerate and the multiple entries reappear.


Any thoughts on how to mark the biblio location still gratefully received.




this happened to me yesterday, and freaked me out (RefMan11)

so i tried gen.biblio. again today, which has worked so far –

the only 2 differences betw. now & yesterday, that come to mind are that today  1) i accepted my MS Word 2007 tracked-changes, before generating the bibliography, and 2) i didn’t use the  “wheel” in the middle of the mouse to navigate up & down my document after gen. the biblio (which was when the #'s seemed to all change around), but made sure i only pointed on the up & down arrow on the bar on the right side of my screen??

i also did close my ref man database, yesterday, when i noticed that the same ref ID #'s were getting multiple entries with diff. numbers. in the biblio -

i saw a note fr Judy that this may happen if the db gets closed during the gen. biblio process-today, i didn’t close my databas.

not sure what caused it, and hope i can figure it out soon.

my guess is, in my case,  that perhaps tracked change formatting embedded in my Word 2007 document may have conflicted with the RF program??  still not sure.

It seems that the problem is in the database.
The following procedure solved the trouble for me:

- Open the corrupt (source) database
  using [File] > [Open database…].

- Generate a new (destination) database
  with a different name
  using [File] > [New Database…].

- Copy all references from source to destination
  using [References] > [Copy between databases…].
  To do so check the radio button ‘All references in list’
  in the ‘Copy References Between Databases’ dialog window.

Apparently, the copy process removes the defect somehow.

By the way, if you keep both databases open,
i.e., the source and the destination database,
the problem does not occur even if you cite references
from the corrupt source database.

However, as soon as you close your new (destination) database
and then insert a furter citation
the multiple references trouble comes up again.

This behavior confirms that the defect is in the database.

Karsten Heusser