Bulk fill an empty field

Over the past 15 years I have entered many records for articles in magazines and have two hundred from one specific publication. I now need to enter the weblink for that magazine in the URL field but cannot work out how to bulk fill an empty field. Can anyone help please?

All the same text?  Search for them, so they are the only records you want to modify in the window. 

find the Tools> Change/move/copy fields

Select the field from the dropdown, choose replace or add options, and put the URL as you want it to appear – it will warn you how many records will be affected.  

In EndNote under Tools you will find a command called Change\Copy\Move\ fields which can be used for exactly this purpose.

You can find steps on our website that go over how to add the group names to a field in the library which might help guide you in this process.

You will want to make a copy of your library before trying these steps since you cannot undo a global edit like this.

Here are the steps to make a backup.


Here are the steps about group names.


Thank you both. It worked perfectly!