Multiple inserts

How can I insert a specific publisher name (eg, Blogs Publishing Ltd) in the publisher field for a large number of records? The publisher field is currently blank soEdit/ Findand Replace doesn’t work. 

The change can be made by using EndNote’s “Group” and “Change/Move/Copy Fields” feature. (As a precaution make a backup copy of the library before proceeding.)


1. First, isolate the references meant to have “Blogs Publishing Ltd” by putting them in a group, [Go to the .toolbar, select Groups >  Create Group.]


2. Next, use  “Change/Move/Copy Fields”  feature to select the Publisher field and the “Replace whole field with” option then enter: “Blogs Publishing Ltd”. (See attached image.)   [Go to the toolbar, select tools >  Change/Move/Copy Fields…]. Then click OK, OK, OK.


Change Fields.gif