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Is anyone connecting to Cambridge University? The connection file I have is not working. It says "Domain name not found. Verify the server address in the connection file. I assume the is correct but looks like the newton.lib. part has changed?

Someone must be using endnote to Access Cambridge uni Library?


I am not using this db, but maybe there is more information on their website: Home - Reference Management: EndNote - LibGuides at University of Cambridge Subject Libraries

They mention also to contact them (though for installation issues, but sure they would know about any changes on their server address):
their email address is []

Thanks, but are a commercial IT support company. Also, it appears the Endnote information is for students and staff on the University network. I have emailed the Library directly.
There is on that page a Temporary iDiscover connection file that contains a userID and password. (I assume for restricted access)

Hi All,
I have solved the problem. Cambridge Uni retired their old system on 2019 (4 years ago! ) There is a new “temporary” connection file you can use. Here
CUL.enz (29.7 KB)

I have enquired how “temporary” it is. Hopefully, Clarivate will use this to replace the non-working one they are shipping now.

The page that @aley posted also contains the file. The connection file contains a login and password. Which is odd, but it is an official public page and the Uni Support people also directed me to it. Despite having a clearly external (magazine) email address. So I can only assume it is for public use.

You would think that Clarivate have a test system to test all their connection files before a major new release of Endnote?

I asked Cambridge University how “temporary” the file was and If I could give it to Clarivate. The Universities reply was:
1 It has been “temporary” since 2019 and they have no plans to change it.

2 Cambridge University sent the file to Clarivate in 2019 advising them of the change. Yet when I “upgraded”(?) to V20 in 2023 the old non-working Cambridge University file was installed and the “new” one from 5 years ago was not.

Thanks so much for this.

Curiously, all the repositories checked against still indicate the old
We should have the connection file updated shortly.
It may not make it into the first release of 21, but it’ll be correct on the website.

Thanks again!
Product Operations Manager

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I now have EN21 and the connection to Cambridge University works out of the box.
Interestingly it is not the same as the fix I loaded above (from Cambridge Uni)

So I would say download the one above as a back-up because as of 22 May 2023 it worked (and is still on the Cambridge Uni page)

However, if you are using EN21 use the one that comes with it.
If you are using pre EN21 see if the updated one is on the EN web site.