Database connections removed from EndNote Web?

I logged into my EndNote Web account, and found that now I can only search public databases.  Were all the commercial database connections removed, or is something wrong with my account?  (For example, ERIC (OCLC)).


Connection files are a problem in EndNote Web.

You are sending a search request to EndNote Web, and then EndNote Web is sending a search request to the database (e.g. OCLC). So the database is receiving a search request from a computer in the EndNote Web domain, not from your university. The database vendor (e.g. OCLC) has no way of knowing that the search originates from an institution which has a subscription to that database.

Some database vendors require IP authentication to access their Z39.50 servers, so it is impossible to use an EndNote Web connection file with these databases. Other vendors accept authentication via a username and password, and you can access these databases via EndNote Web, providing that your institution is prepared to give you the username and password for that vendor’s Z39.50 server.

I understand those are all issues.  What I am saying though, is that the names of the databases seem to have been pulled from those that are possible to connect to.  Right now, there are only library catalogs available it would seem.  My question is , what happened to the list of the commercial databases.


Your local EndNote Web administrator has the ability to add or remove connections/filters/styles for all EndNote Web users at your institution. I guess that is what has happened.

If you want to get some of those connection files re-instated, you will have to contact the administrator. It will probably be someone in the Library or IT section.