Can endnote for iPad sync with iMAC by iTunes?

I’m using endnote X7 on my iMAC and want to use endnote for iPad in the future. I know that the endnote has the service of sync in their cloud. However, it really takes time to sync one library for around 400-500 references, say hours. So I am asking that if I buy endnote for iPad, can I use iTunes on my iMAC to transfer the library to iPad by USB directly? There is the function of transfer files to adobe reader on iPad. Hope that endnote for iPad works as well. Otherwise, I might reconsider buying the iPad version.

No. We do not support synchronization through iTunes using Apple’s Bonjour technology. We have recently identified some issues casusing slow synchronization on Macintosh; we are currently working to improve this.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

So does it synchronizes quickly at iPad?