Can I upload new font into Endnote reference?

I’m new to X7. I need to enter some material in references in Greek–not just several characters, but lots of Greek text. In Word I use SBL Greek, which is fully Unicode compliant. Is there a way to upload this font into Endnote so I can type in it there just as I can in Word?

When you install a font on your computer system it should be available in Endnote such that you can select it to be the “display font”.

Go to the Endnote toolbar, select Edit > Preferences > Display Fonts which causes a dialog box to pop up. Click on the Change Font button which then displays the Font pop-up dialog box. In the Font pop-up dialog box scroll down the list until you reach SBL Greek , then select the font, click OK then again click OK to exit the Display Fonts dialog box. (Refer to attached image.)