Changing fonts in EN record

I asked this back in 2010 and still do not have an answer. How to change the fonts in an EN record?


EndNote really wants to use Plain Text/Plain Size for field data, so that it can be adjusted to match the target document during the formatting process, since specific font and size settings in the field do carry over in the formatting.
The simplest method for getting font settings to apply to field text is…
Type the text into Word, in the font that you’d like.
Copy the Text.
In EndNote, position the cursor where that text needs to go, and use CTRL+SHIFT+V.
This will paste that text with font formatting, so that it’s preserved in the EndNote field, as well as in the formatted text in Word.

Doesn’t work (and did not in 2010 either)., The text in question is a unicode Greek font. But it makes no difference even for Roman fonts. For kicks I copied something in Cambria and pasted it into the record; it comes out in TNR (my default font in the document) again.

So perhaps there is no way still.

In fact, all text is made plain text (or whatever is the default in EN) in the records.

Actually, PASTING into the record strips out the original font format. Using the native fonts does not. But those are limited to 3. That is the source of the problem.

The important part is to paste with text styles.
Specifically, using Edit - Paste With Text Styles. (CTRL+SHIFT+V)
A standard paste is going to strip the text styles from the pasted text, to get plain font plain size.
You can see here that CTRL+SHIFT+V actually preserves the TNR 12 it’s been copied with.

Using the Edit menu to try to pick a different font isn’t going to offer many options because the want of EndNote is for plain font plain size to be used, once again so it can be font-matched to the document during the formatting process.
Copying the text from a formal word processor with the font you want applied, and then pasting it into the EndNote field to get the desired font and size should definitely provide that text with a fixed format.

You can see this also in the preview pane in EndNote.

I hope this helps!