Can styles be different for references in the same library?

Hello, I am new with EndNote X2. I was wondering if one can apply different styles to references in the same library? I’ve been trying and can’t seem to make it work. The majority of the references work fine with the Journal format (“Ref1”). However, there are a few that are in “Ref2” format (see below).

Ref1: Ackermann, I.J.; Hass, H.; Memmesheimer, M.; Ebel, A.; Binkowski, F.S.; Shankar, U.  Modal aerosol dynamics model for Europe: Development and first applications; Atmos. Environ. 1998, 32(17), 2981-3000

Ref2: AFP (Agence France Presse).  Cairo’s ‘black cloud’ sparks debate; Business Day 2004.,3523,1471013-6078-0,00.html 


The closest style I have found that will allow me to show Ref 1 & Ref 2 more or less as is has been “ACS” (and that is after a little tweaking, since for some reason I cannot show the title unless I use the “|” and then it shows -AFP|(Agence|France|Press)).


Anyway, since I am still a beginner I am sure there are many tricks I have yet to discover, so any and all help would be greatly appreciated!! :o)


I may be in a Monday fog, but you don’t want to apply two styles to one paper.  The better choice is to modify the style that meets most of your needs.  If your Ref2 is designated as Reference Type Electronic Article it should style correctly in any style that is also styling Journal Article (the Output Style must have Electronic Article in the Bibliography/Template when you examine/edit the style)…

The ACS style you mention has Electionic Article as a reference type so it should style correctly…However you don’t have some of the data that appears in the bibliography such as Date Accessed so perhaps your reference for AFP is Journal Article instead of Electronic article?  Just flip the Reference Type in the AFP record to Electronic Article and you’ll see the additional fields where you can add the data…

also, make sure your Author is entered as

AFP (Agence France Presse),

NOTE the ending comma which is EndNote’s clue to treat the Author as a string/phrase

have a nice day,