Can you ignore one instance of a Temporary Citation Delimiter?

I am using Mac OS X 10.7 and have recently upgraded to both MS Word 2011 and EndNote X5.  In the document that I am writing, I make use of all of the most likely choices for Temporary Citation Delimiter i.e. ( ), [], and { }.  The topic is crystallography and the braces all mean something different.  But I have chosen as the delimiter, the pair used least often.

In the previous version of MS Word (2008) and EndNote (X3) that I was using, I could simply ignore the instances that were specific to the crystallography i.e. {100}; {hkl}, etc. and EndNote would do the rest.  In the latest combination of Word/ EndNote, I can still choose to ignore the references that EndNote can’t locate, but when CWYW returns control to MS Word, the cursor is placed at the first instance of the “unfound” references.  That I am working on p. 40 of the document and the first instance is on p.2 gives you an indication of how annoying it is to be completely interrupted everytime I insert a reference or whenever auto-format is run and then have to search for the spot where I was previously writing/ editing.  I can turn autoformat “off”, but I prefer to be able to edit the reference if I need to at the moment that I insert it (i.e. if I need to ignore the Author because they are already mentioned, etc.).

Is there a way to get EndNote to ignore a specific instance of a delimiter or is this an instance where I need to adjust my preferences?

Thank you.

How disconcerting.  You can use any pair of differing characters for the temporay deliminters.  What about any two of the following  @   ^  *  &  < >  or or some other character you don’t need? 

I had this problem to as I sometimes need to include programming code.

You can use extended ASCII codes by holding down your ALT key and on your number pad typing the character code.

For example ALT+174 gives you “«” and ALT+175 gives you “»”, both characters are rarely used in text and still look like parenthesis in your temporary citations.

You can use any other extended ASCII code if you have need.