endnote gets confused with formula in the text

Dear Forum,

I have formula in the text that uses the standard citation delimiters {…}, e.g. i={1,2…n}.

Of course, I can tell Endnote to ignore that. But with instant formatting on, I have to do so every time, and what is really annoying, Endnote jumps to this formula in the text with every new citation I add.

Can I tell Endnote to ignore this permanently?

(I haven’t tried changing the delimiter, as I don’t want to mess with an almost finished document.)

Thanks and best,


You can change delimiters by Edit, Preferences, Temporary Citations. Enter new delimiters in the boxes at the top of the window. I substituted $ and & for { and } and that combination worked in a test document. Some special characters are reserved, but EndNote will tell you when you try to use one of them.