Cannot automatically set PubMed import filter

Hello there,

I am using EndNote X5 and I only use MedLine to import citations into my EN libraries. Now, what I cannot get done is to set an import filter (PubMed) automatically so that I do not need to choose it every single time I import something from PubMed. That is a bit annoying. Is there any way to automatically set that import filter? So far I could not find a solution (except maybe delete all the hundreds of other filter options that EN includes, but that should not be necessary, right?).

If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know.

Thank you.


nope.  I find it annoying too, when I go to Connect in the online search to have to first select the source.  I wish it would default rather than to do a search and have it fail, because I failed to select PubMed.