Have to manually select import filter for direct export from Medline - every time

Since upgrading to Endnote X3.01 from Endnote X2 I now have to choose an import filter every time I use direct export from the Medline OvidSP website.

In X2 I would get the pop-up from my browser where I selected to open the export file with Endnote and then the citation would import automatically.  Now with X3, I choose to open the file with Endnote, but then I have to scroll through until I find the Medline (OvidSP) filter every time I import a citation.

Is there any way to set some defaults or is this another added “feature” of X3?

Try the filter which you can download from our filters page. Read the instructions there about downloading references, especially the point about deleting other Ovid Medline filters.

Thank you!

I found the filter I needed from the Endnote support page and now everything is working great.