Cannot change Preference to 'Endnote' from 'Endnote Web' in Word 2007 running on Windows 7

Hello all,

I have installed Endnote X.0.2 on my Windows 7 laptop yesterday. I was previously using Endnote Web (CWYU) and it worked well with Word 2007. Now after I installed Endnote, I tried to get it work with Word, but the word document still displays ‘Endnote Web’ tab.

I tried several options suggested in the forums

  1. Change Preferences in Endnote web tab -  not working

  2. Enable Add-ins in Word options (all threee Endnote related applications are already enabled) -  not working, I even tried disabling and then re-enabling as suggested by one post

  3. Installing updates for X.0.2 and re-booting the system - not working

  4. ‘Change/Repair’ option for Endnote installation - not working.

Has anyone faced similar problem?! Help please!!!

You are likely experiencing compatibility issues between running an older version of EndNote (X.0.2) on a newer operating system (WIndows 7). You should upgrade to upgrade to EndNote X4 .

A list of known compatibility issues between older versions of EndNote and Windows 7 may viewed at: