Endnote X2, Endnote Web & Word 2007 - Problem!

Hi there,

I have been using Endnote X2 with Word 2007 on my PC running Windows 7 (64bit) successfully for a number of months. I have also used Endnote Web to back up my library.

Now the summer holidays are here and I have a break from my University studies I thought I’d learn a few more things about Endnote. In investigating Endnote Web I noticed a download to use Cite While You Write with Word 2007 and Endnote Web. My mistake was not reading and thinking carefully enough - I downloaded the plug-in and found I could use Endnote Web with Word. But afterwards I realised Endnote X2 did not work with Word anymore.

I’ve trawled the internet for possible solutions and have so far not found anything that works. I’ve checked Word - word options - add-ins and seen that CWYW is there. Also in the Endnote Web tag in Word I can access preferences but the option to select Endnote X2 over Endnote web is greyed out. Also within Endnote I cannot find an option to make Endnote X2 the default program to use. I even tried uninstalling the Endnote Web plug-in but it still didn’t do the trick. How can I get Endnote X2 to work with word again?

Any more information please ask. Also any help would be much appreciated.

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Greetings Mike,

1.  I would start troubleshooting this issue by closing all programs.

2.  Once you’re looking at your Desktop, bring up the Windows Control Panel. 

3.  From the Control Panel, click the “Programs and Features” , or “Uninstall a Program” icon to view a list of installed software.

4.  If you find an EndNote Web entry on this list, remove it. 

5.  Select EndNote X2 from the list of installed programs and choose the “Change” command. 

6.  After clicking Change, you should have a selectable “Repair” option that you will want to select.

7.  Once EndNote X2 has been repaired, launch Word again.

8.  If Word still shows EndNote Web, click on the EndNote Web tab and choose “Preferences”.

9.  From the Preferences window, click the “Application” tab and choose “EndNote” from the Application drop down.

Please let me know if this works for you.

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I had the same problem when I downloaded the CWYW/EndNote Web plug-in. After installing, the EndNote/CWYW option was gone from Word. I couldn’t toggle between the programs. I have EndNote X4, Windows XP, and Word 2007. A colleague with the same configuration also had the problem.

The problem was resolved after running the repair operation that Jimmy described. 

Can this issue be fixed? Or could a disclaimer be posted on the download page that installing the EndNote Web/CWYW package will mess up the EndNote CWYW? 

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all your help it is now fixed.

I agree that there should be more explanation about the Endnote Web plug-in and it’s possible messing up with previous settings especially if you already have Endnote program.

Again, many thanks for your brilliant help.

Best wishes,