Endnote X3 in word 2007 becomes endnote web/ cant get it changed

Hey, the add in toolbar of endnote in word 2007 has suddenly become a endnote web toolbar and does not connect with my endnote program anymore. Their was an other message concerning this problem but the steps descibed in it for endnote X2 do not work for me.

Moreover, I do not know why it has been done but i find it very enoying that their is a link between the endnote and the endnote web, iut is not the first time it has got my program inbto trouble or slowing it down or getting several error messages because it can not connect to the server. Just a tip for the designers, do not have them link up anymore.

Any thought on how to resolve my problem is welcome.

Have a nice day

This happened to me too. The way I fixed it was to go to the Endnote Toolbar, Choose ‘Preferences’, Go to the ‘Application’ tab and Choose ‘Endnote’ as your preferred application.

Hope this works for you!


go to the Endnote tab in Word 7.  

Klick on preferences.  

Klick on Application

In the dropdown menue choose between Endnote and Endnote Web.  

This automatically changes the Word 7 tab into either Endnote or Endnote Web.  

Hope this works in X3 as well as in X2 (where it works)