which endnote version to use win7 with office 2007


I just bougth new desktop, win 7 and office 2007 softwares and wondering if I can use my old endnote 9.0 version

on this new software.

I would appreciate any recommendation or suggestion.


Some compatibility issues between Win 7 and Endnote are just coming out in this user forum, but not a lot because there aren’t many Win 7 users yet. If I were you, I would try using version 9, but stay with RTF formatting, not CWYW features. Also, try demo (trial) version of the latest, but make sure you back up your EN library.

thanks for your comment.

Unfortunately, add-in option in office 2007 does not work.

Somehow it does not see Endnote, according to tip from other thread about add-in for Vista but failed on Win 7.

I wonder if I need to buy X3 version, any comments?

If you feel like you need new features in X3, like Group/Group set function, full text search function, CWYW integration, then buying X3 makes sense. But compatibility with Win 7 is yet to be figured out, even with X3. I just can’t tell at this moment. Forum users are relatively conservative regarding new OS or new word processor programs, so you won’t have “immediate” help from users’ side. That’s another thing you may consider. Of course, you can call Thomson Reuter directly, but if the program you just purchased doesn’t work, your frustration reaches to the max very easily.

I guess, it’s all up to your willingness to try new things. I would wait until some other Vista/Word 2007 users upgrade to Win 7, and post some experience.

As to me, I’m fine with Word 2003, OpenOffice, and Win XP. Unless I have catastrophic events with this combination, I have no plans to change OS or word processors. That’s how we are (at least, I am) conservative.

I don’t want you to decide just from my suggestions, so wait other opinions.


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thanks agin, unfortunately, this is a bradnew new desktop with latest hardware available and Window XP does not have drivers to my hardware, so I am stuck.

have you tried using WinXP mode and Endnote ver 9/Word 2007 in Win 7?