cannot change style of new enteries


I am having trouble with changing the style of new citations added to my word document. I am using EndNote X8. Any entery that was added before July is easily changed from numbering to author, date or any style choosen. However, all my recent enteries from the last two months are shown as {author, year #} for example {Damante, 1994 #527} and whatever I do this format doesn’t change.

I would really appreciate some help.


The issue could be related to document corruption.

Please try the steps from our Knowledeg Base:

If this does not resolve the issue then please contact Technical Support:

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1


That is what the temporary citations look like.  You are changing the output style in “word”, you have checked that you have  Instant formating is on, or have tried to “update citations and bibliograph”, right?  (see image) 

 What have you tried, exactly, that doesn’t result in the format change.