Cannot download different styles


 I’m trying to download an endnote style.When I google the specific style (and I’ve tried others) I always get linked through to a buy endnote home page rather than the style I am trying to download

I’ve never had any problems doing this before so any help would be great


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I just noticed your post after I added mine. I’m having the same problem. Can’t seem to find a way around it. 

Very odd. And Frustrating. 

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I first noticed this yesterday afternoon around 2:00  pm EST.   No site is able to be accessed - all take you to the “buy endnote” page.    I can’t even find how to contact the company directly . . .

Endnote output styles are available for downloading on the “Downloads” section of the website (and works fine as of this posting):

Use the style finder to l search and locate style files for downloading.

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