Downloaded style not showing on list

I am having a problem with the following style: TF-X Harvard.  When I download it it opens and is saved into my Styles folder with my other downloaded Styles.  But my Endnote does not pick it up so I can use it.  It does not appear on my list of Styles when I am trying to use it, although all the other ones are there.  I am using EndNote version 7.7.  Have tried on both my laptop and a PC. Any help much appreciated! Regards Ursula

Not showing on the dropdown?  – If it was saved from Endnote, then you will need to (the first time) choose “select another style” from the top of the styles dropdown on the endnote ribbon, or in the style dropdown in Endnote.  Alternatively you can Edit>output styles and open the style manager, to view them, and tick and untick boxes for those you want to appear, or those you don’t want to appear in the ribbon/endnote dropdowns.  

thanks so much - I had tried Select Another Style before but could not find it on the list - this time I just entered in the text and it popped up.  Thanks for helping me resolve this!

Im doing this but can’t find the output style… Downloaded from endnote, opened in endnote, doesn’t appear in style manager… what do to?