Cannot edit combined citations

I want to write (Gunnlaugson, 2005, 2006) as Gunnlaugson (2005, 2006) but when I try to edit the citation it is greyed out or where I do manage to edit using the Edit Manager I get Gunnlaugson (2005); (Gunnlaugson, 2006)

Please help

If you are using EndNote desktop then:

You will need to use the Edit and Manage citation command in Word to change both citations to display as Author(Year).

Please see the attached screenshot of EndNote X8.

Also if both citations have any co-authors the co-authors would need to be all the same.

If you are using EndNote online you will not be able to use the Author(Year) option but could edit both citations to Exclude the Author and type the author name outside the ( )  manually.

Please see

If this does not resolve the issue then:

Please contact Technical Support directly.

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1 or