How to go from "(author, year)" to "author (year)" en masse


I have a similar issue to that outlined under a previous topic “How to go from “(author, year)” to “author (year)” in Word 2007?” posted by RoyB ‎09-02-2009 01:05 AM. 

I am currently working with Endnote 9, where I realise it is possible to do this one reference at a time in a very laborious manner by clicking on each citation, selecting “edit citation”, selecting “exclude author”, and then manually re-typing in the author. As outlined in the previous topic, I also understand that in  “EndnoteX5 [and later versions], there is an option to switch between (Author, Year) and Author (Year)” but from users with these later editions, it seems that it is still only possible to edit each citation one at a time.

However, I have tables where there are multiple (hundreds) of citations that I need to edit, and I was therefore wondering if there is a simple way in which that can be done “en masse” (eg. by selecting a whole series of entries in a table and switching the format) - be it in Endnote 9 or later versions such as X5 or X7.

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Yes, the current version (EndNoteX7)  has a way to edit them one by one, without retyping anything.  > right click in formatted citation and “Display as Author (year)”  

But to streamline the conversion of a large number, you you can you can convert your citations  to unformatted citations {Author, year #RecNo}, select the section containing the citations you want to convert and search for } and replace with @@author-year}.  You can do this one by one, skipping those that you don’t want to convert, or if all the citation in a block or table are selected.  Replace all.  

to get this:  {Author, 2002 #6420@@author-year}

  • and then update citations and it will convert them to Author (YEAR).  

I believe this will only work for single citations, so make sure that they are inserted with a space between any multiple citations.